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You're already excited, aren't you? We can tell. Glitter Bombing is just that good of a prank! Works all the time. However, if you're not sure glitter-bombing is the way to go, Wikipedia has listed a few universal truths to help you understand its damning potential:

You can already see the potential in this prank, can't you? You're already shortlisting the ladies and gentlemen, the girls and boys, whom you would like to turn into glitter queens with your prank. Good. Good. Let the mischief flow through you! While that's happening, here's a quick rundown of how the revenge works with GlitterPal.

How We Pull Off The Perfect Glitter Bomb Prank

And voila! The glitter bomb has been prepared. It is posted to the name and address shared in step one. The bomb reaches them no later than three days and that's when it really goes down! Laughing already? Don't. You've got to envision it for the full effects!

Glitter Package Fun


Picture this:

a) removing glitter from every-freaking-where, and

b) trying to figure out just who in the world was behind the prank. 

So Who's It Going To Be? We Know You Have Someone In Mind...

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Let's Recap


Step 1

Tell us the name and address of the person you want to glitter bomb

Glitter Prank

Step 2

We find the most annoying glitter on the face of the planet

Annoying Glitter

Step 3

We place the glitter bomb in an anonymous package

Glitter Letter

Step 4

The Glitter Bomb arrives 3 days later by mail and...

3 Days Later

Start Glitter Bombing

This Stuff Gets Everywhere

Office Prank
Birthday Prank
Letter Prank
Glitter Prank

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Only $29.99

And 3 days later...

 Glitter Bomb

Anonymously Glitter Bomb Anyone #BOOOM ™

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